Momo 7in Android 2.3 tablet - does it get free wifi?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by booing, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Android Optimus S 2.2
    I just registered 3 minutes ago, so if this is the wrong forum, then please, let me know. I am thinking of purchasing a new android tablet. Right now, all I have is an android optimus s(froyo, 2.2). I want to get a tablet for reading, gaming, hq images and animations.
    I can not find it on amazon, so I will purchase it from Momo 7Inch Android 2.3 Tablet PC Capacitive 5 Point Touch Screen 8GB MID 1.2GHz WiFi Support Flash 10.3 - I have read its description, and the only thing it does not mention is, does it get free wifi? My optimus s is the first smart phone I have ever had, and I have heard that some phones do not get free wifi.
    I really do not want to pay to use wifi. I understand paying for 3g, as you have to use their servers, but anyway, does this tablet get unlimited free wifi?

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