Momo 8 IPS - Can't Put New Files on External SD Card

Discussion in 'Ployer Momo Tablets' started by rominho, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Momo8 IPS
    Hi guys,

    I got myself a Momo8 IPS a few days ago (great piece of gadget), then I bought a 32gb miniSD card to go with it. At the start everything was fine, however I after some time I realized that everything I transfer from the PC to the card via USB connection simply disappear as soon as I unconnected the cable (after properly ejecting the disc on the pc and turning USB off on the tablet).

    I've downloaded a bunch of apps and messed around with their settings quite a bit (I'm still new to the tablet world) so I don't know if this could be some app's setting being messed up with or even some settings on the tablet itself.
    The first files I transfer would be there and not be erased but anything new would disappear as soon as I unconnected the cable.

    I've since formatted the card, but again... the same problem.

    Some of the more "complex" apps I have:

    ES task Manager
    ES File Explorer
    Titanium Backup
    Super SU
    Root Checker
    Samba file sharing
    Lookout Security and Antivirus

    Any suggestions out there??
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    Of course the simple workaround would be to use a microSD card reader on the PC for bulk file transfers... anything else you should be able to download from the internet via the tablet's own WiFi connection.

    This sounds like an odd one; you can read/write to the SD card from the tablet's File Explorer?

    Oh, wait... make sure you're in the right mounted device. You want to be in the "EXTERNAL SD card"; the one labeled "SDCard" is actually the 16MB internal storage.

    *Enabling D'OH! moments since nineteen mumblety-mumble*
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