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    Hi there, I bought a MOMO11 master Retina and stopped to work, later I tried to search an official firmware in Ployer´s Website but not exist for master, only for Speed, I think that firmware work because they have the same hardware (only display is different) so with bockchip bacch tool I put that firm in my tablet ando that´s all, never boot again.
    I trite several mails to ployer requesting a firmware for my tablet but neve respond me.
    So I write to Pandawill where bougt that and they answer if I can repair this in my country, but in Argentina the technical service have the same problem, no firmware. End of mails with Pandawill.

    The product has good quality materials but the firmware is of low quality and the manufacturer offers no response when a problem arrives. not recommend it at all this model of tablet.
    If someone have a MOMO11 Master please can give me working firmware?

    Thank you Very much

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