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    Trying again: Just previewed my new thread before submitting and it disappeared; so here is what I can remember of it.

    My wife has a Momo9 running ICS 403, which she uses for Facebook and a couple of simple games. All apps were up to date.

    We took the tablet on holiday and all was well for about a week, when on power on the tablet stuck on the pulsing ANDROID screen.

    I tried the reset button but that is still as far as it goes.

    Holding the middle button and powering up will display the recovery screen, but there is no way to affect the menu selection or even choose and item, which is apparently a known problem.

    I have held the vol+ button and pulsed the power button, but there was no usb change detected on my PC (windows7 x64). I was not trying to wipe it at that point so did not have livesuit set up properly, all I was trying was to see if I could get some form of basic USB access from the PC.

    Any ideas what the tablet is doing or looking for when it is stuck on the android screen?
    Any suggestions on a way forward other than a wipe?

    I have been holding off a wipe as I bought the tablet from a young chap here in the UK, who promised much in the way of support prior to purchase, but disappeared a few weeks later so I am unable to ascertain how much he personalised the tablet from its delivery state from China before he shipped it to me.

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