Motorola Officially Confirms No More Webtop and Laptop Accessories

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    It's now officially confirmed from Motorola. They will be killing their Webtop and laptop accessories programs. For those unfamiliar with Webtop, it was software that allows a Motorola smartphone to dock with a laptop accessory. It would then give you some computer functionality. Even though it got rave critical reviews because of the concept of it, when it was first released it was a bit buggy and slow. Additionally, AT&T and Motorola priced the phone and laptop dock at $500, which turned off most potential buyers. In the end it may have been a concept that was simply too far ahead of its time, and was poorly executed.

    The Webtop product was one of Sanjay Jha's (Moto's former CEO) favorite projects, but their new CEO, Dennis Woodside decided to focus on a few core ideas like improved battery efficiency, faster Android updates, and LTE. Here's Moto's official statement,

    How many of you guys will be sad to see it go?

    Source: CNET

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