Mounting a portable USB hard drive

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    I haven't seen this info on this forum, so I figured I would post something here and share what I have learned from the good people over at XDA.

    I purchased an Iconia 2 weeks ago and was sorely disappointed to find out that it would not mount a portable hard drive. Anyway, I did some digging over at XDA and found out what I needed to do to be able to mount a portable hard drive.

    The one thread that I found, wish I could find it again so I could post a link, said that I had to be rooted and use an app from the market called "Drive Mount". By this time I had already ran the updates to HC3.1. So I had to find the right root tool, called "Iconia Root", I used the latest version. It worked flawlessly.

    Once rooted, I went to the market and found the "Drive Mount" app, which also requires the installation of Busy Box. I installed both of those apps and now my Iconia will mount portable hard drives formatted in either Fat32 or NTFS.

    I wish I could find the thread again on XDA where I found this info to link here and give credit to the person who posted it. I would also like to apologize in advance if this has been posted here already.

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