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    I have an Acer A500 and I LOVE it! Especially, all its capabilities with different types of multimedia. However, I have reached a point where I need assistance. What I want to do is be able to watch videos on my tablet over an external wifi, and the source of the video be originating from my computer at home that has all my movies on. Currently, I already have setup ES File Explorer, which is nice and allows me to watch my videos over wifi, but the limitation is the tablet and computer have to be connected to the SAME wifi connection. I have also tried EMIT and Skifta, but I could never really get EMIT to work and Skifta was really buggy. Thus, I am now reaching out to user with more knowledge and hope that I can get some good feedback on what program I should use for my Acer A500. Thanks in advance.
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    Why does the PC have to be connected to the same WIFI?

    I would use a PATCH CABLE CAT5/6 and wire connect to the router. The reason being that the more devices connected to a WIFI the slower the speed of the connection. If the WIFI output is 56mbs with 2 wireless devices connected the output to any of the 2 devices is only 23mbs.

    I only asked the question. There is an option of having a NAS (network attached storage) which can act as a file server, iTunes,... In this case you don't need to turn the PC on as the NAS can be connected to the network running 24 hours a day. Uses less power and doesn't need a monitor, keyboard, mouse.

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