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Discussion in 'Asus TF101/SL101 Forum' started by Anomander, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Asus Transformer 32GB
    I ripped Tangled that I have on DVD onto the Transformer this morning via
    DVD Catalyst +4 (great program). I ended up transfering the file over to the tablet. It was called Tangled.mp4. Now when I launch it through the gallery it says the file can not be played. Now the funny thing is when I go to the file manager and go to the movies folder and hit the file it starts right up. Now I am guessing it is still using the Gallery app to play the movie. I find it funny I can play the movie that way, but not in through the gallery itself. Has anyone else ran into this problem?
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    Jun 9, 2011
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    I use DVD Catalyst too and love it. I downloaded their app 'Movie Gallery' by Tools4Movies. The Gallery app on my Samsung Galaxy plays ripped DVDs fine, but it doesn't show titles or thumbnails. The Movie Gallery app will show titles by default, and if you include a jpg file with the exact same name as the movie you copy over, it will use that jpg file as a movie thumbnail. There is a free app that allows you to load 10 movies. I went ahead and paid for the app. Try it out.
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    I had similar issues on the Xoom a while ago. I had to dig a little, but here is my original post on this:

    Gallery Video "Failed to Load"

    The cover-image info doesn't apply anymore in Android 3.1+, but the problem I had was that if you moved a video file to a different location (or deleted one, and copied one with the same name to a different location) Gallery still thinks it is in the old location, so when you try and play it in Gallery, it points to a non-existing file.

    If you use a file-browser or MovieGallery for example, you are accessing the file directly, and then it does work.

    If you clear the data for Gallery in settings > applications, it will rebuild its cache the next time you load it (it won't remove your vids or images) and then it should play the file fine.

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