Moving stock books from reader back to sd card and importing from sd to reader.

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel' started by FallenAnjel, Jul 20, 2012.

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    Pandigital Novel 7" Black
    I have the black 7" w/ 4gb internal. I did not upgrade the firmware (yet)

    Is there a way to move the stock books books from ereader to sd card? I don't want to delete all the stock books that came with it. (A bunch of classics), but would like to save them for future reading.

    Also, I read somewhere online and did it before, but I forgot how to move books from the sd card to the e-reader. Is there a way to move just ONE book at a time? I know if I use "import sd card" I move EVERYTHING over and I don't know if I get double and triples of all the books I already imported since it takes forever to move thru the 5 or 6 screens of books). I would like to just go into the SD card (I think I can use file explorer?) but I cannot find how to just move one book/mag/paper.

    Thanks for any info!


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