Mozilla Rallies Against ITU Governance of the Internet

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    Mozilla has just added their name to the list of critics concerned with attempts to rewrite the International Telecommunication Union to give governments control of the Internet. On December 2, 2012, Mozilla came out publicly on their blog to condemn a top-secret meeting in Dubai this week that could lead to changes with how you experience the internet. The ITU is quoted as saying:

    Yes you read that right, we are talking about a governing body controlling what you see, read and hear on the internet. You may ask how will they be able to control the flow of information, and the answer is quite sobering. According to leaked documents, the shot callers from around the globe attending the United Nation’s World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) meeting have "floated the idea of adopting a new standard for the Internet that will implement deep packet inspection, or DPI, essentially allowing all traffic sent across the Web to be reviewed by a governing body." Remember this meeting is taking place in secret and that is why Mozilla is speaking out. An excerpt from their blog reveals their concern over the implications of such a treaty:

    Mozilla isn't the only internet name jumping into the mix opposed to the ITU talks, Vint Cerf and Sir Tim Berners-Lee have joined ranks. These 2 gentlemen are two computer scientists widely regarded as instrumental figures in getting the world online. Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, spoke against the ITU just recently while attending the WCIT. Berner-Lee warned that rewriting the international treaty to put Internet regulation in the hands of government is not just unnecessary, but would cause a “disruptive threat to the stability” of the Internet as we now know it.

    If you are interested in getting involved, Mozilla has made available a kit of tools and resources to allow people to have their voices heard at the ITU.

    Via: RT / Mozilla

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