My Galaxy Tab 7.7 SAMOLED burn in screen :'(

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    Hallo guys! I am new here. I have been using the 7.7 Galaxy Tab for 3-4 weeks now, and the display is simply amazing. I did some research about the tab before I bought it, but I did not find any complain about the product and all I found were positive reviews about the device. But 3-4 days ago, I read in the internet about the burn in image problem of the AMOLED screen. Then yesterday, I found that my device has suffered from it. The status bar is the one which did the damage. Not the battery and the signal signs which many people have warned about. I can see now, if and only if I try to look for it, that there are images of back, home, tab, and screen capture icons (which is usually on the left bottom of the screen) right above the Samsung logo when you hold the device in default position, no matter how I rotate he screen, again if and only if the screen background is grey. I am a little dissapointed as this problem happens so fast, while I intend to use this pretty expensive device for about 3 years. I think I will go to Samsung Service Center and ask for a replacement for the screen. But I do not think that it will solve the problem because the problem of the vulnerability of the SAMOLED screen is still there. What I want to discuss is, what can really be done to prevent this happening too soon again? Thanks.

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