Natpc m009s rtb ultimate or Kindle Fire or iPad mini or another android?

Discussion in 'Kindle Fire' started by kieransampson, May 16, 2012.

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    I've found this on Amazon - NATPC M009S RTB ULTIMATE - Capacitive Android tablet PC - Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)- now with DOUBLE storage (16GB) and DOUBLE system ram (1GB) for ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE - WiFi for £110.

    The deal seems almost too good to be true so I was after some advice. I've read all of the reviews and it does sound a very good piece of hardware, but perhaps needs some investment in time to get the required apps installed. Also, who actually makes these tablets? I've never heard of them before.

    1) what you will be using the tablet for. list any features you need, such as g-sensor, gps, bluetooth, Adobe Flash, or any specific apps

    Mostly for media consumption, ie papers, magazines, videos, music etc... I also have a laptop for emails etc.., so this functionality isn't prob needed.
    Storage is pretty important to me, as is a fast processors, memory etc... in order to view videos - a good screen, but doesn't have to be full HD. I'm not too fussed about cameras and other such gimics.
    Ease of use is also important.

    2) how much you are willing to spend
    Prob around £200 would be my max.

    3) if you have an idea, what the size of the tablet should be
    Am ok with a 7 inch tablet. In fact, I'd probably prefer it so I can hold it one handed.

    4) how much you know about Android, or just whether or not you are computer literate
    Very computer literate - work in IT, but don't know a lot about tablets.
    Suspect I'll need some help in the other forums once I make a purchase.

    5) Please list your location somewhere. (You should really include it in your profile, by the way)
    I'm in the UK, but do travel into Europe for holidays/vacations.

    I'm also considering whether it's worth waiting for the UK release of the Kindle Fire or waiting still further for Kindle Fire2. My concern with the Kindle is the amount of on-board storage which seems very limited. My intention is to use the tablet during holidays for watching films etc... and I'm not convinced that Amazon will have a significant cloud offering across central europe for some time. I've also read that in terms of optional storage through SD cards etc..., this isn't possible.

    I've also heard that Apple are considering a 7 inch iPad - the iPad mini, but don't know too much about this. I'm also not sure whether it's worth paying the extra for an iPad and really don't understand why the're so expensive in comparison to Androids such as the NATPC above. Is it purely branding/marketing? ​


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