nd help w anrdoid appstore on pandigital 7" multimedia novel

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    :confused: i used to have the appstore on my tablet but when i updated the firmware it disappeared??
    so i dont know how to get it back and/or if i even need it in order to get apps from it to my tablet?? i do have a google acct. and can access the site on my pc and tablet, but when i go to download an app it says my device is not registered ( or whatever it says). i am sooooo confused. the box that came w my tablet says " download and enjoy android apps from your favorite sites" and it is obviously an android multimedia tablet and color eReader.. so what do i do?? i do have an SD card and still cannot download stuff to it cuz it says, once again, that my device is not registered - is there a way to get around that so i can atleast just add the apps to my SD card and go and use the ES File Explorer?? i am not highly intelligent when it comes to this stuff so please "dumb it" down for me if you will.. thanks

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