Need a <$150 recommendation & ?s

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by Peacock, Oct 1, 2012.

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    I'm currently looking at Ainol for the brand. I have several questions

    • Where do you get apps if you don't have an app store? Can you just download them from the browser. I truly feel like an idiot asking that, while I'm well versed on computers tablets are brand new to me.
    • If the answer is rooting -- what functionality does a non-rooted tablet have & how difficult is it to root device and what does it look like after it's rooted as far as the OS, is it just like a hacked version of windows? What are the downfalls of having a rooted tablet? Does it require upkeep (i.e. manual updates)?
    • Is a resistive screen THAT much worse than a capacitive screen?
    • How much RAM do tablets REALLY need?
    • Does DD3 make THAT much of a difference to DD2?
    • Is a dual core necessary for normal function?

    Here's what I'm doing:
    • Making a HUGE group purchase (100+ items, depending on the price)
    • Tablets will be used by kids & adults (probably NOT for 3D gaming, more for mobile browsing, videos, simple games, reading, etc.)

    The people the tablets are going to DEFINITELY have a BMW standard and a KIA budget, so I'm looking for "Wow" for not a ton of $$. Give me the best you've got.

    Again, I'm currently looking at Ainol since they seem to be good quality for reasonable prices.

    If it needs to be rooted to have apps approximately how long does it take to root a device?
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    Atlanta ga
    visual land prestidge 7 only $99 at toyrus plus its $150 at walmart and other places like bestbuy ... But im going with the acer iconia for $140 because its a great starter tablet with incredible speed

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