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    HI androiders,

    I need some help more of an advice.

    I'm going to establish a company to sell android tablets in Egypt.

    and i'm so confused to start with what....

    my main goal is to provide the most popular sizes of tablets which is 7, 8 and 9.7 inch.

    my main concentration is for tablets with the Allwinner CPU A10, which i think the only model with low power consumption and very long standby. also with average prices.

    long story short, we would choose from
    7 inch "ONDA VI10 Elite" or "Novo7 Elf" or "ICOO D70 Ultimate (flagship)"
    8 inch would be "ICOO D80" i couldn't find anything else

    9.7 inch comes the confusion, we want this one to be 16GB
    Here are the products we are confused about
    ONDA VI40 Elite (Rear 5MP camera)
    Gemei G9 (Rear 5MP camera)
    MOMO11 ((Rear 2MP camera)
    ICOO D90W (Rear 2MP camera)
    BMORN V99PRO (Rear 2MP camera)
    Teclast A10T (Rear 2MP camera)

    we want a decent tablet that is with high quality and good support

    and to buy some from different manufactures is not an option for us as we don't want to confuse the consumer as almost these tablets are with same prices.

    please androiders your advice is highly needed

    Thank you all

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