need advice new to andorid tablets

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    planning on buying a tablet for games alone
    what is some things i need to consider before doing this
    i only have normal internet no wifi
    any tips ideas or suggestions

    thanks in advance
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    I am also in the market for a new tablet assuming my A2109 can't be repaired and the warranty company just refunds my money. Right now I am looking at Hisense Sero 8, Dell Venue 8, Acer ICONIA A1-810-81251, Acer Iconia A1-830-1633, Hannspree 10.1, RCA Pro 10.1 Mainly I am looking at Walmart.

    You would want to get a router for wifi, get an 8 inch or larger tablet, go to store get hands on with some tablets to get a feel for the size you want. You need a budget, my max is $150 yours maybe larger or smaller depending on your situation. I always buy extended warranties, these run about $60 so for me a $150 tablet is really $210 or so with warranty.

    Do you need the latest android or is older android versions fine for you? Do you need to upgrade often? do you need GPS?
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