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    epad MID701
    hello i would like to download a firmware for my epad :

    Model Number:MID701

    Kernel version: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty

    Processor Brand:VI

    Processor Main Frequency:600Mhz

    Brand Name:MID701

    firmware version: 1.6


    i-->i accidentally downloaded a program for my epad that cause it to i re flashed my unit using the sd card with a firmware there for problems like this given to me by the person i bought my unit epad version now is 1.7.4 its working fine but i noticed that there is no application market installed in my unit now...can you me on where can i download application market?and also wenever im using the application store in my epad the language and the applications thats popping out from the search are usually in chinese versions...but before i reflashed my unit its in do i change this?ive tried changing the language settings but still doesnt change anything/..hope you cud help me with my concern..thanx

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