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    So Ive been researching Android based tablets for a little while, and Im in way over my head.

    Im a photographer and Im lookin to get a tablet to use as a digital portfolio for use while Im out shooting. Im somewhat familiar with Android on phones, and like it, so Id like to get a tablet with the same OS.

    Since Ill be using this to display my pictures, I need very good picture quality. Along with that, Im thinkin 10.1" inches is plenty big enough for a screen size.

    Storage is also going to be pretty important. The more, the better.

    I may also use the device to surf the internet, and on devices without Flash support, web browsing is kind of disappointing. So, Im lookin for somethin with Flash support.

    Finally, Id like to keep the total cost (not including shipping) under $400USD.

    I was lookin at the Flytouch 3/Superpad 2, but it seems that a lot of ppl are still getting versions that dont support flash, even though theyre advertised to. Id rather not go through the hassle of returns until I get what Im lookin for. Id like to get something, take it out of the box and use it. Thanks for readin.
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