Need help getting Kindle for Android back

Discussion in 'Pandigital Novel White Firmware' started by Oneira, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Pandigital R70G100
    Hi. I have The white Pandigital Novel, version R70G100. It's new, out of the box. I can't seem to contact support, so you're my only hope.

    I decided to update the firmware of my reader, off the Pandigital website. Upon doing so, I lost my Kindle for Android app, and it was replaced with B&N. I don't mind B&N being there as an option, but I had already bought a few books off of Kindle. I did a factory reset too, so my books are really gone.

    I tried downloading it off of, but I get either the "null" error, or I'm redirected to wont recognize the reader, so i wont let me install. I even tried downloading from a 3rd party website, but the reader says "file too big." The file is only a bit over 9mb. :rolleyes:

    Please, this was supposed to be my early birthday gift. I would like to enjoy it by Saturday. Help, please!

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