Need help identify Tablet & firmware not working

Discussion in 'Infotmic Based' started by aaronisaac84, Feb 8, 2013.

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    MID tablet
    HI i have a tablet, ifotmic based, its a clone i think because it doesnt has a brand, and i need to identify it because when it turns on it stays on the android screen and doesnt do anything.

    When i turn it on it shows this image
    then it shows this one and it stays there forever

    ive tried via sd a firmware update or install but no luck, when i try it whit the SD card and inside the android folder with the ramdisk , system... and other files it just says file system burn finished but it does this in like 2 seconds so im assuming its not doing anything, ive tried putting only the files firmware-discovery and firmware2 from a MID800A and 01-20 files i found in another post here and it says This is not a wrap for current product , so i believe im not getting the correct firmware i maaged to open it and found that the CPU is a chip from infotmic with the following information


    here are some pics from the board, one with the cpu and othe without the cpu.

    $IMG00830.jpg $IMG00831.jpg


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