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    MID A13
    HI All,

    Need some help which i did re-flashed my MID A13 tablet and results me touchscreen not working and also camera sorted(green)...
    I did try many ROM.. got only 1 custom rom created by tragidy able to make touchscreen working but its upside down (assume calibration is out) and camera still sorted...

    Below are my tablet specs..and need if anyone could me with this...

    Model: MID A13
    Android OS : 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwidch)
    Product Type: Tablet PC
    Keyboard: Touch Screen
    Display Technology: Capacitive touch screen
    Screen Size: 7 inch
    Max Resolution: 800*480

    CPU Type: Cortex-A8
    CPU Manufacturer: ALLWINNER
    CPU Model: A13CPU Speed: 1.2Ghz-1.5Ghz
    RAM / Technology: DDR3
    RAM Installed Size: 512MB

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