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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Hacking' started by senorjack, May 25, 2011.

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    It seems like there is no one here that wants to answer the BASIC STARTING POINT questions.
    I have been ALL OVER these forums and I realize that there are MANY different varieties of Tablets so it would help if someone could just start with the most POPULAR and it seems that since we are in a "RECESSION" most people are buying the ones on e bay for $100 bucks or so. That's what I did, just to get started. Most of us can’t afford an I-pad.
    I have read that you need to "ROOT" your Tablet I tried that and it won't root....I enabled the USB De-bugging and it still didn't root.
    I tried it again with Z4root and did a Temporary root but then it won't run the Titanium Backup because it says it's NOT rooted. Now what ?
    I NEED to BACKUP my Tablet in case something goes wrong and I need to re-load the apps. I don't want to "BRICK" it.
    Now, I'm not stupid...I build my own computers, hacked my PSP, hacked programs, etc. but this has me befuddled.
    I am a Certified Computer Tech with a Degree in Digital Electronics and a Degree in Electrical Engineering but I don’t know everything and I am always willng to learn new things. I am an old man too…63 years of age.

    You need to be SPECIFIC....what is simple to you is not so simple to others...
    If and when I figure this thing out ( and sooner or later I will), I will write an EXTENSIVE GUIDE or NEWBIES on HOW TO ROOT YOUR TABLET.
    I am willing to help anyone with any problem if I can, but you guys that succeeded where us "Newbies" have not, need to step up and lend a hand...

    If anyone would like to help me out, here are the “SPECS” for my GENERIC TABLET:
    CPU: VIA8650, High-performance 800MHZ CPU+300MHZ DSP WM 8650
    Operation system: Android 2.2 (Support Flash 10.1)
    Memory: 256MB DDR2
    Storage Device: 2GB NAND Flash maximum capacity of 32GB tf card
    Gravity:4-Dimensional G-sensor
    Black Plug, Blue LED, Vibrate & 1.3 Camera
    LCD: 7" Touch screen, 800*480 pixels
    Network: RJ45 Cable Internet: 10/100M adaptive

    WIFI:IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless network
    3G: External 3G (Support Huawei E220, etc)
    I/O Port: 30pinUSB switch interface*1,Headphone *1, MIC*1 JACK*1, TF card reader
    Audio: 3.5mm headphone jack (BLACK)
    High-quality stereo loud speaker
    Built-in microphone

    Build Number: generic-eng 2.2 FROYO Vr 1.3.0-20110417.092309
    Model number: WonderMedia WM8650

    Please don't interpret this the wrong way...I am NOT being a Smart-*ss...I just want to get some help so I can help others...
    It's the RIGHT thing to do.


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