Need help to identify the name of the 7" table made in china

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    After getting 'unable to scan networks', unfortunatley I rushed into upgrading the ROM without taking a copy of my original sock ROM. although I managed to improve the performanc econsiderably, none of the upgrades that I found resolved the wifi issue. I am suspecting that my wifi card is faulty and I'm ordering the replacement but I want to find a ROM which I know for sure to support this type of Wifi card.

    This wifi card seems to be used on the Eken in fact from where I found it it is advertised for Eken models but I am confused which stock ROM would be suitable. What is the actual name for this tablet.....EPAD, Flytouch, EKEN, WM8650.

    Would very much appreciate if I can give a name to this tablet and hopefully get even an original ROM to support Atheros Wifi Card inside. I had bought it in October from ebay description: 7" INCH GOOGLE ANDROID 2.2 VIA 8650 EPAD FLASH10.1 TABLET PC 2GB APAD MID WIFI

    size 7"
    no vibrate
    black front
    2 touch
    back button: round arrow
    on silver button
    Green LED / Red when charging
    black audio jack
    polished silver back with no logo, the only markings at the bottom
    'Input voltage: 9V', below 'Designed and Made in China' and below FCC, WiFi, CE,ROHS
    M009s board
    3G donglr support
    Wifi Atheros AR9271L taped to the side of the battery
    USB adapter is squarish black in the shape of a flat T, takes usb on either sides and ethernet at the end.

    Some pictures; [FRONT] [PORTS] [BACK + User Manual Cover] [INSIDE] [Wifi Card - Atheros AR9271L) (MAIN BOARD]

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