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Discussion in 'Coby Tablets' started by ocean, Mar 20, 2013.

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    coby kyros mid7059

    i bought a coby kyros mid7059 a few days ago. this tab doesn't have google play store/market or any other android apps (like gmail, facebook, youtube, gtalk, google map etc) built in.

    this is my first tablet i dont know much about them. i have android phone, but that had all the apps by default, and whatever i need, i can download from play store, so that never caused any problem.

    i really need the android apps in my tablet, but i cant see any way to install any working copy in it. i've searched in this forum (and over internet) for solutions, but haven't found any for this specific model. although there are some solutions for other models of coby kyros and a lot of people are reporting those are working, but none of them is working for me.

    below are the stuffs i tried so far:

    1. i installed market app with some other files by downloading them to my pc, transferring them via usb to the tablet and then installing. but almost all of them gives me 'unfortunaly, market has crashed'. only one file gave me a market which did not crash, but it never installs any app. whatever i try to install, is always stuck at 'starting download'.

    2. i've downloaded different copies of gapps, copied them in the microsd card and tried to install them from boot (i guess that is called CWM) one at a time. at the CWM, all of them shows installation successful, but none of them puts any google app in the menu. the menu is just as it was.

    so what should i do now to get the google apps? do i need to root it? if it is so, then what is the best way to do that? should i put a custom rom in it? i'll also need to get a tutorial for that.

    i'm getting frustrated. pls help.

    thanks in advance.

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