Need Help With K.R.O.S.S GY-601 Smart Pad Tablet

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    Kross Smart Pad GY-601

    I am fixing a Kross Smart Pad GY-601 tablet. This tablet is a chinese tablet that was purchased from TigerDirect.

    Kross Smart Pad GY-601
    Android Jelly Bean 4.1

    Basically what has happened is the last time the tablet worked it lost everything on the main screen as in the normal stuff you would find was missing. Upon restart the tablet boots up to an android logo and then a KROSS logo and the system stops working. I tried using a paper clip to restart and nothing happened I also tried doing a factory restore through the Android recovery and it isn't doing anything. I am thinking that I would need the stock firmware and rom in order to repair this but this particular brand has zero support I can't even find who actually manufactured it. I was wondering is there anyway that I can do a custom restore in order to get this running properly again? I am trying to fix this for a friend and I cannot get into it to give any more info other than what is above unfortunately. This tablet is primarily used for games by my friends daughter.

    thank you

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