Need help with my Froyo (2.2) enabled White Pandigital Novel

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    Ok, I am running Froyo 2.2 (Cyanogenmod 6) on my WPDN, and I have a few problems with my Novel.

    1) I can no longer flash anything to my device. The process would start, get 10% full on the progress bar, then the triangle exclamation Android guy would pop up, after which I would have to press the reset button to get back to the home screen. Anyone know why this is happening? If so, how is this fixed?

    2) For whatever reason, I am completely unable to install a working version of the Market on my Novel. Whenever I install one and try to open it, a white screen would pop up, then it would go back to the home screen. A working market apk (for the Novel) would be great, or 1-2-3 directions on how to install Market on the Novel (Cyanogenmod 6, Froyo 2.2).

    3) Some of my key apps refuse to install on the Novel, and some I just cannot find ANYWHERE. Soooo....if anyone can find working apk's (that work on this particular Novel) for the following apps, it would be greatly appreciated:

    Draw and Share (refuses to install)
    WordUp! (forces close when I click on Options)
    CNN (just can't find it)
    ATP/WTA Live (can't find)
    Market (can't find a version that works on my Novel)
    Angry Birds (won't install)
    Flash Player 10.2 OR 10.3 (won't install)

    Thanks in advance to anyone that replies :)
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