Need Help With What Tablet To Purchase To Test Game In Development.

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Games' started by cvegas, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Hopefully this won't PO a bunch of folks but I have to admit it so that you can understand my plight.

    I have been a windows guy all my adult life (and I'm very old)

    I have a developer working on a video game that I hope to bring to the Android market.

    I need to purchase something that I can use to test the application before being published.

    I did purchase a Galaxy Tab 2 but took it back.

    I am also having this developed as a flash web application and I had to jump threw a few hoops to get flash on the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. It did not work that well, once I got flash installed.

    So now that you all know how ignorant I am the real question is.

    What can I purchase (as little as possible since I'm old) that I can use to test an Android video game that I would like to put out for android phones, and tablets.

    I would also like something that can be used to test a flash website application.

    Hopefully someone will take "pity on an old fool" and send me in a direction that doesn't keep me going in circles.

    (I used the pity wording just to prove how old I really am)

    Don't know that it's important but I did sign up for a Google Play Developer Account.

    Look forward to a reply from someone who takes pity on ( you know)

    Thanks in advance for any relevant info you can provide.
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    The galaxy tab was probably a pretty good tablet for testing. There may be better tablets, but unlikely one more mainstream. The offerings from Asus are quite good as well, but I'm thinking a Nexus might be your best bet, either the 7 (built by Asus) or the Nexus 10 (built by Samsung).

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