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Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by ziro360, May 11, 2012.

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    Galaxy S
    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy my first tablet and need some advice.

    1) what you will be using the tablet for. list any features you need, such as g-sensor, gps, bluetooth, Adobe Flash, or any specific apps
    Want for: Web browsing, watching youtube videos, reading ebooks/comics/pdf for school and development.
    Needs to have: Google Play, Capacitive screen multi-touch, Wifi, ICS installed or upgradable.
    No: Kindle Fire because I can't get them in Europe.

    2) how much you are willing to spend
    200€ so ~260$

    3) if you have an idea, what the size of the tablet should be
    7-8 inch maybe 9.7.

    4) how much you know about Android, or just whether or not you are computer literate
    Very computer literate, Android user and developer for a long time and.[B]

    5) Please list your location somewhere. (You should really include it in your profile, by the way)

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    Hi ziro360, welcome to the forum, for tablet buying, you can have a look our Android Tablet PC.
    And based on your requirements, here i recommed the Ainol novo 7 Aurora (7inch), and Teclast A10t or Eken A90(both 9.7 inch) for you. all come with high resolution IPS screen, Good CPU and android 4.0 ICS. hope you'll find what you want finally! Good luck! :)

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