Need Tablet for Graduate School and as Replacement for Netbook

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    Hello all! I just got into graduate school, and I was wondering if tablets can, or in the near future will be able to, replace a laptop (I know this has been debated endlessly, but I value this forum's thoughts)? My desktop (which I built a few years ago) has experienced a gpu issue (I think), and no longer displays. My netbook (MSI Wind) which I absolutely LOVE, runs Windows XP and has a broken hinge (so is one drop and a couple months away from oblivion). Rather than replacing both, it would be nice to get a good tablet that can do a bit of everything.

    I have done my homework, but have never owned a tablet. My dream would be a Surface Pro 2, but I don't have that kind of chedda. I think I have narrowed the contenders down to Nexus 10, Nexus 7 (2013), or one of the 10 in Samsung tablets. I think I want Android because Windows RT looks terrible, I am not familiar with iOS at all, and I can't afford a tablet that runs full blown Windows OS. But I have a few questions:

    1)I have no problems working on my 10 in netbook, so I think I can handle that. How does typing on a 7 in compare? I went to the Verizon store to compare a 7 in Ellipsis to a 10 in Samsung, and I think 7 might just be too small (but I could be convinced by personal testimony). I have heard that many people prefer the 7 in as time goes on, as it is much more realistically portable. Thoughts?

    2) I have never had reliable wifi, so I think I need an lte tablet. However, if there is an accessory (dongle, air card, etc.) that is unobtrusive (so I will actually carry it around and use it) then I would be open to a Wi-Fi only tablet. This is the main reason I am still on the fence for the Nexus 10. Are there any alternatives, or is a new Nexus 10 on the horizon?

    3) How useful is the SPEN on the Samsung Notes? I LOVE writing notes as compared to typing them, but that is not really a huge deal and is really my main reason for looking at these (and that the Nexus has no sd card slot wtf!).

    4) I do not need to run any heavy programming or photo editing software. My major is just extremely reading and writing intensive, so I need a tablet with good battery life that I can read and type on for long periods. Thoughts?

    5) I attend in the Fall, but could potentially wait until the end of the year to get a tablet (if I had to). I can definitely wait through the end of summer. Thoughts on new products, sales, or reasons to wait or not to wait would be greatly appreciated.

    6) Essentially, I am open to purchasing any tablet that meets my needs but is also inexpensive. I don't think I am willing to go over the 600 mark (but even going over 400 needs serious justification). I would love to hear recommendations for tablets that are lte (unless there is an accessory that is unobtrusive and easy to pack around), have good battery life, and can be typed on and read from for long periods of time. Expandable memory in the form of USB or SD is a huge plus, as is external monitor support. Obviously need an external keyboard and mouse. Anything additional, such as gaming and entertainment potentials, are great but not mandatory. Thanks everyone!

    P.S. I am on Verizon (but this may change).

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    HI marxr87, after read your post , want to recommend you the Cube U100GT iWork10 Quad Core Tablet PC or the PIPO W1 Tablet , maybe thest two tablets can meet your requires !
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