Need to know what this file is..... "bq27510_pro.bqfs"

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    Huawei Mediapad S7-303u
    I need to return my Mediapad s7-303u to stock and it looks like I'm going to have to try and do it through the "fastboot flash" method since when I try to use the onboard stock recovery it seems to freeze.

    I found a "T-mobile Original Stock Rom" on the Osimood rom site but I'm not sure what build it is or if it would damage my device.

    I want to use the files in the firmware from Huawei's site but I don't know what a couple of files are.

    1 is bq27510_pro.bqfs

    the other ones are




    Are these important using the method I want to use?
    If they are how can I flash them to it? i.e. exact command line for them.
    And in what order should the files be flashed?

    Also what windows program can I use to uncompress the flash images to see what's inside them?
    I would like to compare what's going to be flashed to what's on the device.

    Oh. And what should I erase with the flash method to make sure everything is clean and wiped before I flash to make sure it was like stock?

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