Netflix Upgrade - Won't Start - Error I3006

Discussion in 'Huawei Ideos S7' started by jhsband84, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Huawei S7
    I was forced to update Netflix today when I opened it. This version won't start. I get the error "We are unable to start Netflix application. Please try to restart (I3006). I can't find anything on this error. Anyone else see it or know how to correct it? Huawei IDESO S7 (BB version) running Tri_zet's slim rom.


    Talked to Neflix, they said it isn't their error, suggested I call Huawei. Huawei suggested flashing to factory default and reinstalling. I re-flashed TRZmod version 3, installed Netflix straight away and got the same error. I then flashed joenilan's froyofusion r2 and Netflix worked.
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