Neuropad Infinity Screen Calibration

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by Chortles, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Neuropad Infinity
    I was wondering if anyone had any Idea how you calibrate the screen for the Neuropad Infinity. The Manual is helpfully generic and is designed to cover all their tablets by the looks (yay for being cheap) and doesn't tell you how to do this (before someone yells at me to RTFM).

    Google hasn't revealed much either other than 101 places to buy the Neuropad. This forum doesn't seem to have had this question asked before (unless the search terms Neuropad, Infinity, Screen Calibration were ommited)

    The Settings > Display Menu has only: Brightness, Wallpaper, Auto-rotate screen, Sleep, Font Size, Accellerometer coordinate system, and screen adaptation.

    Accelerometer coordinate system has two options Default or special for specific games. Nothing about calibrate anywhere :( Any help would be awesome! Very new to Android so my apologies if I'm being incredibly dense.

    Neuropad Infinity
    Model: MID
    Android Ver: 4.04

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