New Affordable 7-inch Android 4.0/ICS Tablet called "My Tablet" Coming Soon for $150

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Apr 10, 2012.

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    There is soon to be another inexpensive Android 4.0.3/Ice Cream Sandwich tablet hitting the market. This one is from a virtually unknown third-party manufacturer. It is called "My Tablet", and as far as we know that is also the manufacturer's name (although we will update you in the future when we find out for sure). This little tablet could actually make a pretty significant impact in the market as well, because it has some decent specs, but is only $150 bucks! Here's what we know about this intriguing new entry:
    • Android 4.0.3/Ice Cream Sandwich
    • 7-Inch Screen
    • 1.2 to 1.5GHz processor
    • 512MB RAM to 1GB RAM
    • 8-16GB of internal storage
    • micro SD card slot
    • 2MP front facing camera
    • Battery life approximately 8 hours of continuous usage
    • Form Factor size of 0.40mm
    • USB port,
    • Mini HMDI port
    • 1080p output
    • Volume and power buttons located on the side
    Beyond just the impressive specs for the cheap price, the other cool news about this is that we should see it very soon. In fact, the source of this story suggests it will be out as early as April13th. What do you guys think? Could another cheap tablet draw your attention?

    Source: AndroidSpin
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    I love these inexpensive ones for tinkering and non-critical applications.

    The issue that seems to plague these inexpensive tablets for people wanting to use them as a "daily driver" however, is one of ongoing support.

    Any flaws that an inexpensive tablet ships with will have to be lived-with, worked-around, or left to the hands of knowledgeable enthusiasts who care enough to release their work to the public.
    A manufacturer cutting costs to this level is not going to be budgeting their software people for anything but the latest build going to the factory.

    The person buying this tablet also has to be willing to do what it takes too in the form of reading up on how to update firmwares and such, which I grew increasingly less patient with.

    I ran into that with my first two Android tablets and it's what drove me to purchase a model from a better-known manufacturer.

    Now I have a stable, supported "daily driver" tablet, which is really all I wanted in the first place.
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    All good points. I'll also add the Google Play store may not be included on a device like this.

    Other than that it looks really cool. Sort of like a Nook Color/Tablet or Kindle Fire.

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