New Android Developer Only Forum! CALLING ALL ANDROID DEVELOPERS!

Discussion in 'LinuxBoxSolution' started by linuxboxsolution, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Linux Box Solutions, Inc. would like to bring to the Android Development community is a place for Android Device Developers to share, learn, & educate others for the Android Developer.

    The reason I'm starting this is because trying to search through the web for useful Android Development Information is exhausting and hard. This shouldn't be the case for one of the World's Hottest Mobile OS's.

    Yes I'm part of Google Groups but who likes waking up to the Cell Phone having over 100 Messages that have nothing to pertain to what you need. Also It is extremely hard to get Answers from people in the Google Groups and it can be even harder to get your questions to the members of the Google Groups especially when a Group Moderator has it out for you.

    So thanks to for allowing me to notify the community of the new Android Developer Forum Linux Box Solutions, Inc has put in place.
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    A few
    I will be joining up to learn more. Thanks

    I've started a site to help people with app ideas to find ways to turn them into apps by either learning to program or finding good developers. People can also seek feedback on their app idea if they are willing to share information on the concept.

    Te site is 1 good idea - Home

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