New Android Game Called 'Vector' Allows You to Fulfill Your Escapist Parkour Fantasy

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    Do you ever feel like jumping out the window of your job and busting some parkour style free-running moves to escape the monotony? You could spend countless hours practicing and punishing your body to develop the necessary parkour skills, or, you could try out this cool new Android game called "Vector." The stylized graphics are fairly unique and intriguing. In many ways it might remind you of an urban version of the ancient console game Pitfall. Regardless, it definitely looks like a blast to play, especially for fans of platformers. Here's a description from the developer:

    The game is free to play although there is a deluxe version for a paltry 99 cents which includes the full 30 levels. There are also optional in-app purchases of coins which give you power-ups, but they don't look too obtrusive or necessary for full enjoyment. The game is highly rated by the community as well.

    Here's a link in the Google Play Store: WtraS52ZWN0b3IiXQ..
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