New caseen NOOK Color / Tablet case collection released. 5 new designs!

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    Hi Android Tablets,

    I would like to announce 5 new designs (and 2 more are coming!) for the Nook Color / Tablet! These are all unique and genuine caseen designs that really take the quality of tablet cases to a new level.

    Here are some preview shots of the new Nook Color / Tablet designs:

    $bcs-80103-1.jpg $bcs-80104-1.jpg $cs-80076-1.jpg $cs-80105-1.jpg $cs-80106-1.jpg

    The stand series of cases are a new caseen item and differ from our classic book series. The stand series use a notching point in the back to double as a functional stand for the Nook Tablets!

    A little description of the new series:

    caseen releases its classic ‘Stand’ series of cases for the flagship Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. The magnetic snap cover bends backwards to convert into a dual view stand. Authentic genuine leather hugs the entire tablet and bezel for a classy understated look. The interior is made of a soft suede-like cotton material that does not scratch the Nook Tablet’s screen. An elastic stylus holder is added to round out the features and portability of the stand case. This case also features an attached hand strap on behind the cover.

    And of course the 'Book Case' series was also updated in our Smoked Gray Plaid, and Retro Pink Plaid designs:

    caseen releases its ‘Book Case’ series of cases for the Nook Color. All authentic genuine leather hugs the entire eReader and bezel for a classy understated look. A stylus holder and card case are convenient and allows you to carry the ‘Book Case’ around easily. The interior is made of a soft suede-like cotton material that does not scratch the Nook Color’s screen. A magnetic button snap closure is reversible and attaches to cover in either open or closed modes!

    If you are looking for classy, high quality, unique designs with personalized service look no further. I am here to help all the time and you guys can PM me any questions you guys might have!

    You can check out the new design in our catalog here: caseen - Nook Tablet Cases | Nook Tablet Covers | Nook Tablet Anti-Glare Screen Protector

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