new firmware jm6 browswer fixed new widgets

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    New EURO Firmware - P1000XXJM6 - UPDATED

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    [​IMG] 28th November 2010, 02:21 PM
    [​IMG] New EURO Firmware - P1000XXJM6 - UPDATED
    You are flashing the below at YOUR OWN RISK

    This is only for the Euro version, at&t version, T-mobile version or any other GSM version of the Tab. this is NOT for any CDMA version.

    This is a new Tab firmware that just leaked out (P1000XXJM6)

    So far the know pros are:

    1) THE BROWSER IF FINALLY FIXED! it is very smooth even with flash. i am very impressed.
    2) Users are reporting new widgets.
    3) The drop down drawer is smoother.
    4) New readers hub
    5) tweaked email client
    6) better camera focus?
    7) ROM feels very smooth.

    Update 11/29/2010

    This is an updated package which should be safer to flash via Odin.
    All credits are going to Richthofen who compiled this package for us.

    As it seems that original package posted in this thread was not intended to be flashed via Odin.
    Samsung has introduced a new FW programming method which also supports the upcoming phones. I donĀ“t know if it is already supported by the newest Kies version.
    The new format is basically the same as Odin only smarter with a few tricks and more stable.

    Richthofen has prepared a new package for us that is flashable via Odin and should work much better with less problems.

    Below are the download links and instructions for everything you need to flash P1000XXJM6.

    1) Download the the file HERE and extract the it
    2) Inside the ZIP you will find Odin 1.7 + PIT file + PDA +Modem + CSC files.
    3) Open Odin, select the PIT file + PDA + Modem + CSC into their respective places.
    4) Make sure repartition is CHECKED.
    5) put the phone in download mode and connect it to your computer. start flashing.
    6) The device will reboot. If you are getting tons of FC's on boot, reboot into recovery and do a factory reset.


    ** You can root using SuperOneClick method. Other methods do not work at this time.
    **If you are on at&t and using the at&t model, please reflash the Bell modem to gain 850Mhz back.

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