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Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by swynkoop, Nov 9, 2011.

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    I bought my Vizio Tablet 11/4/11. I have a droid phone, so I'm not a total newbee. I called Vizio today after failing to install a Targus Bluetooth external keyboard. Was told Vizio supports no Bluetooth keyboards because of Gingerbread limitations. He said they are working on Honeycomb 3.1 upgrade, but no promises as to whether or when. So, does anyone know a workaround for Bluetooth or a micro USB keyboard that will work?

    The Vizio guy, Ricardo, said he has a Vizio tab and it has functioning video Skype. I couldn't get it to work yesterday. I re-installed it today and it works.

    I also installed Astro File Manager, which I have on my phone. It appears to have automatically transferred many of my apps to the SD card I installed. At least it shows them on a SD card. However, I wonder if they just got transfered to a part of the 4 GB partition, and Astro believes they are on an SD card. I say this because what it calls an SD card has 2.45GB total size. I can't find 32 GB in any Astro folder. Must have a problem. Do you have to do anything special to get the Tablet to recognize the SD card? Any suggestions on how to fix, and then transfer the apps over to the real SD card using Astro File Manager?

    In addition, I installed the Opera Mobile Browser, PrinterShare for $13.95 (it sends copy to my wifi enabled printer I don't have ePrint, which has a free app), Launcher PRO, FLEXT9 (by nuance) and a Digital Clock Widget. Laucher PRO and the Digital Clock Widget give the Tablet and almost iPad look and feel. Very nice.

    P.S. More on the Targus keyboard. I managed to get the keyboard paired with the tablet. But now I get a message on the Tablet Bluetooth screen in settings that the keyboard is paired but not connected. Any hints on how to go that last step. I got this far by entering the initialization code in both the tablet and on the Keyboard. Something the documentation doesn't mention.
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    Bluetooth support for keyboards and mice is not implemented on the VTAB, they will pair but not work.

    Read this post and this post for details on the much discussed SD Card issue.

    Your use installed external Sd Card is mounted at /sdcard/external. You can put music and other files on it and the VTAB will find them fine.

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