New here (techo dumb) and need Nook Tablet help!

Discussion in 'Nook' started by yankgirl, May 3, 2012.

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    Hi! I'm looking to get a Nook, but I'm so confused. I'll be basically using the tablet for checking the occasional email, watching movies and playing games.

    I don't know which one to get - The color or the Tablet 8gb or 16gb. Also just a few questions

    1) can I load my own movies onto it? Most of the movie files I have are in mp4 format - converted through handbrake for my iphone.
    2) I use a Mac - does that make any difference?
    3) Would it be wise to get a refurbished one or spend the extra to get a new one (I found a refirb 16gb for $210)
    4) Is it easy to root? I would probably do that duel booting thing so it doesn't mess with the warranty.
    5) With the rooting - If I have a micro card already with CM7 - can I just make a duplicate of it? - Just in case if I want separate cards for games, books and movies?
    6) And finally the stupidest question - what does Rooting actually do?

    Sorry for all the silly questions, but I'm just so confused!

    Thanks so much for anyone who can help!

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    The 8 has 1/2 the storage (of course) but also half the RAM 512MB vs 1GB in the 16. I wouldn't worry too much about the on board storage though since both have microSD card slots that allow you to expand that.

    1) Yes you can load your own movies and music files.
    2) Nope doesn't make a difference.
    3) Refurbs are a great way to save some money. I haven't had any problems with mine.
    4) Yes, rooting and dual booting are easy on the Nook Tablets.
    5) Yes but you can't simply make a copy. You need to burn an image of a CM7 card to the computer to save it. Just get another SD card for data and media.
    6) Rooting allows root level access to the operating system (OS). This allows you to access and utilize all parts of the OS so that you can really do whatever your want with your device. Without root many functions and abilities are blocked.

    JP :)

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