New Nexus 7 Might Have Secretly Popped Up in a Video

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    For several months now we have heard repeated rumors regarding the next generation of Nexus 7 Android tablet. For the most part it has been unofficially confirmed to have a higher resolution display and some other enhanced features. It will also likely have a thinner bezel and keep the same aggressively low pricing. We have seen a few glimpses claiming to be partial pics of the device, but now we may have received a secret glimpse of the device directly from Google themselves.

    Google recently released the above video to showcase some of the new features in Google Maps. At about the 53 second mark you can see what appears to be a Nexus 7 tablet being used; however, if you look closely, it's design is slightly different than the current Nexus 7, and it seems to show a thinner bezel. Could this be a teaser glimpse from Google of the new tab? Of course, it could simply be an optical illusion too, but maybe it's more fun to speculate...
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