NEW NOOK HD+ HELP! Need New Cord, Sideloading Files...

Discussion in 'Nook' started by slow_mo_panda, Aug 18, 2013.

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    I just completed what seems to be a successful personal root of the CyanogenMod 10.1, on my NEW Nook HD+
    I got this 'Like New' tablet on Ebay, and the cord it came with is about to completely give out on me, the end of the cord where it plugs into the Nook is so loose, bent, and obviously worn out, that it continues to read as not connected, when it is plugged firmly into my laptop. It also will not charge all the way on this cord. I for the life of me cannot seem to find ANYWHERE to buy JUST a replacement cord for this thing!! And WTF possessed the people to make this cord so fracking 'original', that I have to buy that specific cord from their specific website, which comes with some other stuff and cost like $40! Anyone happen to know a cheap place to buy another cord?

    Also, before I did the root, I was putting a 32gb SD card in the Nook, and loaded a ton of videos onto it from my computer, after spending DAYS converting and reformatting these video files to fit and play well on this tablet! But then when I turned it back on, with the card still in it, it showed all my side-loaded ebooks, but NOTHING ELSE. :( Anyone have tips on how to make sure the files I put on my Nook will show up?

    -What are the BEST ANDROID APPS for playing my own movies/videos, playing my own music, ebooks, and reading ebook files of .epub, .mobi, and .pdf formats?
    -Any battery-saving tips??
    -What's the best place to buy cases, covers, and screen protectors, and what are your faves?

    I will edit if I think of any further questions, but it's 3am, so I need to be off. THANK YOU ALL!!! <3

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