New SYTABEX7-2 makes me feel like noobie again!

Discussion in 'Sylvania Tablets' started by hecate, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Sylvania SYTABEX7-2
    I'm an old hand at forums and consider myself a "geek goddess" but couldn't resist grabbing a little Sylvania SYTABEX7-2 at a shockingly low price Tuesday (combination of early Black Friday and being friends with the store manager ;)). Figured at that price, worse that could happen was I'd end up giving it to a six year old "geek god in training", but I was pleasantly surprised at how functional it was. Now that I'm back on a "stupid phone" after the company I was consulting for went belly-up and I lost my free smartphone plan, being able to get my email and surf from Starbucks and hotels, etc. instead of running home or hotel room to use my laptop is a blessing! BUT I'm having some "noobie" issues I'm hoping the gurus here can solve; please bear with me for posting them all in one fell swoop; if I've broken the rules, let me know and I'll split up the posts into a bunch. I DID try DG support but no response to three emails (sent Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) and when I called at 3 p.m. Wednesday I got a message that it was after hours, which it wasn't. Then today when I called, they said there was "high call volume" and let me leave a callback number (haven't received a callback yet). Perhaps I will eventually hear from them and will post any responses here in case it helps another new user, but meanwhile (please feel free to just answer one issue---any help is greatly appreciated!)...

    1. I couldn't get the stylus out of the back---I finally needed a knife to carefully pry it out! And pushing it back in to store means using the knife again to pry it out. That can't be right :confused:. Any suggestions?

    2. I updated before i noticed warning on this forum---did i do bad? It seemed to go ok and still says DG2.2, but it does seem slower than when I first tried it and wireless is a tad flaky now since the upgrade. Also, is there any way to upgrade in the future without losing all my data? The instructions say "back up" but doesn't say how; if you just copy everything to a flash drive, it would then overwrite the update, so just want to back up the data (email setting, wireless, icons, installed programs, etc.)

    3. More a hint for any other noobs rather than a question---I finally found media scanner up there on top, by clicking and trying everything, but til then I couldn't figure out how to get Gallery and Music to recognize files I put on the sd card. Why isn't this documented? Makes me wonder if I'm missing some documentation (did get the one on the web.) I know lots of real rookies who would never have figured this out without documentation.

    4. What is dialer??? Do I need it and if not, how to stop it (going into applications and clicking "force stop" doesn't work)??? I did see some posts here related to some phone files that people renamed, so that may be it. Don't plan on making calls from this thing ;).

    5. What, if any, security is possible (i.e. anti-virus) on this?

    6. The workaround to get google marketplace on 2.2 on this tablet is still beta and a tad technical (what a great effort on this forum's part---kudos! I wonder why DG isn't allowed to put it on here??). Is there any way to get an android app from elsewhere (say if I saved something to the SD card) installed on this tab? I really don't plan on doing much more with this tab since I know it's more an net device than a computer, per se, but I can't resist tweaking :cool:.

    7. Could there be any way to network with my desktop so can I could transfer files easily without using the flash drive method? I'm guessing no, since there's no actual "user" to authenticate" but since the wireless works well...

    browser & app related:
    8. Biggest befuddlement: where are browser, musicplayer, etc. controls so I can close them? How do you close any app at all on this thing, without going into running apps and forcing a stop each time? I'm sure you're rolling your eyes and I'm missing something obvious, but I can't find any X button or equivalent. If i just go back to the home page, the app is still running, taking up memory.

    9. How can you download something (file, pic, etc.) from web without a right click? I miss right click for a whole lotta reasons :).

    10. Music and sound in general is not playing in the browser (background sound on webpages, voice in cnbc videos, etc.), although I thought it did play in a cnn video this morning. Sounds and music play fine on the tablet outside the browser, and all sound settings seem correct.

    11. How do you delete bookmarks in the browser (again, no darn right click and no menu choice)? And speaking of browser questions, what browser is this (so I can learn more about it).

    12. Is there a notepad-like app on the tablet already?

    I ordered a case/stand/keyboard combination today, so I'm committed to this thing :); thanks for any answers you can provide and I hope once I'm up and running I can be a contributing member here.
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