New to Archos 97 Cobalt Any Good ?

Discussion in 'Archos Tablets' started by kodiakblair, Dec 10, 2013.

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    Superpad VII, Versus DC8
    Last night I cracked the screen on my Versus DC8 but I have insurance cover so took it back to
    the store ( Currys/PC World) only to find they no longer stock the Versus range. The closest in
    price range was the Archos 97 Cobalt.
    Now I've not unpacked the tablet yet just in case I should trade it in again. My Versus had 16Gb
    and I think an A8 processor and Bluetooth, Android 4.1 with an 8" screen. I don't see Bluetooth
    mentioned on the Archos box but see 8Gb and 4.1 with a 10" screen.
    I really only use my tablets for reading books and trade manuals but see in the store a couple of
    Lenovo tablets going for £20 more but with a much better 7" screen 215 ppi and 169 ppi and
    JellyBean 4.2 with 16Gb and Bluetooth.

    So I'm asking you folks should I stick with the Archos with the 9.7" screen at 132ppi or upgrade to
    one of the Lenovos with smaller screens but higher def ? HDMI would be a nice feature but not a

    Thanks in advance.

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