New Trojan Malware called GGTracker Mimics Android Market to Trick Users

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by dgstorm, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Developer's over at Lookout software have uncovered a new malware for Android that is extra nasty and sneaky. It's called GGTracker, and it is a Trojan that mimics the look of the Android Market in order to trick users into installing it. It looks just like the picture above for now, so as you can see it's pretty deceptive. Here's a quote from the AndroidCentral article describing how you can get infected, and how to prevent it,
    We thought it was important to keep you guys informed on this so you can help your less tech-savvy friends and relatives stay protected. It's getting like the "old west" out there in Android-land, but as long as we band together we can defeat the vile bandits.

    Source: via AndroidCentral
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    Thanks for this. My first Android tablet (an Acer Iconia A-500) is being delivered next week. I've been using PCs since the mid-90s but I'm new to the Android platform, so I'm trying to learn all the tips tricks, and caveats I can ahead of time.

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