New Viewpad 7 issues...

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by toka, Oct 16, 2011.

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    Viewpad 7
    just got my first tablet and its a Viewpad 7....

    i do like the look and feel of it, some of the others i have tried felt very cheap and plasticy. i did not want a 10" screen prefering the 7" for its portability...

    on the whole a quick and responsive tablet but a couple of early problems...

    1. it kept on deleting files i put onto the sd card whether through the usb connection or direct onto the sd card through a reader....did some reading and have found putting a blank file called .nomedia in the root directory of the card seems to have worked.

    more annoyingly though...

    2. i cant get any movies to play on the device:(, i emailed viewsonic support and was told it only supports 3GP. so i encoded some film i already had on my laptop no copy protection] in 3GP but the player just came up with 'sorry cannot play the video'. i chopped the films up and the players [i have tried most now] will play a file of 70mb or so but once they are over 100mb it just resume saying 'sorry cannot play the video'. i have read about similar issues but cannot find anyone who has managed to sort it out, or at least no Viewpad 7 owners, gotta say i am now debating sending this unit back as at the moment it doesnt do what it says it should, which is a shame as i do like it otherwise.

    is there anyone who can help out there??


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