New Yahoo! Survey Suggests 25% of Women are Willing to Give Up Sex for Their Tablet

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    This story is especially important for our male readers out there... we have some sad news to share with you. You spouse/significant other may be having an affair... an affair with their tablet device. Apparently, according to a recent survey, 1/4 of women surveyed would rather give up sex for a year than give up their tablets for a year. (scary thought of the day - if that trend increases our species could be doomed!!!!)

    Yahoo! recently performed a survey regarding tablet habits in the average American household. Their results were quite intriguing to say the least. Here's a breakdown of the most interesting tidbits:
    • 62% of all U.S. tablet owners now say they use their tablets on a daily basis with an average use of 2.4 hours per day
    • 15% would give up their car for an entire year to be able to keep their tablet!
    • Tablets are now the second most fought over device in the living room, just behind desktops/laptops, and ahead of TV remotes.
    • A third of men frequently take their tablet to the bathroom.
    • Forty percent of women never take the tablet to the bathroom.
    • Twenty percent of women are happy to give up sex to keep their tablet.
    • Only half as many men would give up sex for their tablet (13%).
    • The tablet is the go-to wind-down device: 91% use their tablet in bed.
    So, gentlemen, the next time you see your female in bed with her tablet, just take a moment to tease her. You might say something like, "Hey! Get your boyfriend out of my bed!" ;)

    Source: Yahoo!
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    While only 13% of men would give up sex for their tablet this stat is misleading. It should say 13% of men would willingly give up sex for their tablet. Better yet how about just stating the stat in the proper way:

    75% of men unknowingly give up opportunities for sex while using a tablet (or most any other gadget for that matter)*.

    *This stat has been 100% made up but probably isn't too far from the truth ;) "Not right now I'm about to get the high score!"

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