Newbie--can't figure out how to use many functions file transfer, radioplayers

Discussion in 'WonderMedia WM8505 Tablets' started by stephaniesax, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Jan 18, 2012
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    Wonder Media WM 8650
    Wondermedia Tablet 8505. I think i have a very generic device. I'm not someone who can perform complicated tasks such as "rooting", installing ROM, don't know what bricking is. etc.
    I'm wondering how to:
    transfer files from USB onto device. I somehow got some music to play off the USB, but cannot find how to store it on the device.
    I have sound but cannot get any radio players to work ex., or streaming music off of or
    a station's website stream.
    Where do downloads go after I install them, not sure where to find them.
    Overall, I am so disappointed with this device and I've learned a lesson about something" sounding too good to be true". I think these Chinese tablets on EBAY are not described accurately.

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