Newest Nielsen Report Indicates Android OS is U.S. Top-Dog with 39% of Market

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    The newest Nielsen marketing data tracking report has been released, and it has some good news for both Android and Apple. According to the data, Android now accounts for the highest percentage of smartphone operating systems with 39% of the market. Apple is in second place with 28% for iOS, while Microsoft comes in at 9%, and Palm and Nokia’s OS both round out the bottom at 2% each. It's not all gloom for Apple, as they actually take the top crown as far as hardware manufacturing goes; however, that is also because they only build their own device for their iOS, whereas Android has several companies building Android phones.

    Of course all of these companies will soon be releasing newer products later this year, so these numbers could fluctuate some this fall. It'll be interesting to see how the newer Android variants, like the Droid Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy SII fair against the new iPhone 5. Of course, it's always fairly interesting to read these kind of statistical charts, but really, we'd like to hear more from you, our readers. Anyone have any predictions?

    Source: Nielsen

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