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    First off, thanks for clicking the link and reading this :)

    News Aggregator is an application I have built to allow for easy access to various global News RSS feeds. The core attribute to this application, is it is for those that do not wish to use various RSS feed applications and can have a single app including all kinds of various Global News Feeds.

    If you're a News junkie like me, you'll love it. You'll read about items going on in the world you never new about and actually find, at some time in the future, will be a useful information point.

    This application is being updated regularly and is FREE!

    So far, I have included the following RSS News feeds:

    The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The NY Times - US, Fox News - US, Reuters - US, The LA Times - US, Times of India, CNN News, CBS NFL Sports, Sky Sports - Premier, Sky Sports - UEFA, BBC - F1, ESPN - Cricket, Planet Rugby - Union, Golf Digest, MLB - Baseball, CNN Sport, Reuters - Business, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, FT UK, FT Europe, FT Asia, FT India, FT Middle East, CNN Business,, BBC Technology, The Register, Geek.Com, Computer Weekly, CNN Technology, CNN Entertainment, e-Online, Entertainment Weekly, MTV, TMZ, The Wrap.

    I would appreciate any and all feedback on the project, and would very much like you chaps/ladies to download and install, and possibly comment for me on the Android Market.

    If you would like certain feeds included and added into the application, please post here and I'll add them during the week.

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