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    the coputers i have at home are copletly outdated and I'm trying to change this situation.
    as i work all day on a coputer i really don't want to feel like doing the same when i come home after work. that' why i started thinking about getting a tablet.
    i want to use it to write short email, surf a bit, and manage and play musik (mostly archived from my cd's) and erase tons of bad fotos that constantly accumulate just because digital photogaphy makes it so easy.
    As i would like to completly avoid a PC at home i thought i could set up a NAS and to store the fotos and the musik and sort it out and play or view the data with a tablet.
    i think of some kind of picture viewer that let's me rotate the fotos or delite them on the NAS working on the tabelt.
    can i do this with an Android tablet?

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